Crossforce is now Combinus!

A platform to help move your organisation from bureaucracy to growth

Unlock your organization’s potential

See it all together:

All people. All communications. All knowledge.

– All in one place.

So you can understand what others are doing and find what you’re looking for.


Unlock your organization’s potential by getting more out of what you already have


Your organization has much more talent and knowledge than anyone knows, but is missing the cross-connections and discoverability to make use of it all.

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The next generation infrastructure for breaking down silos and collaborating with your whole organization


Your organization is built on shared interests and a shared purpose: when people support each other, learn from each other, and grow together through collaboration.

Isn’t that the cornerstone of a knowledge-based organization?

The hybrid organization’s backbone


Connecting everything across time-differences, geography, and social structures

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Top Waves
Bottom wave

A whole new type of platform


Combinus is the world’s leading Associate Relations Management platform (ARM). It’s in some ways the internal counterpart to Customer Relations Management (CRM). Instead of keeping track of external relations and communications, it’s helping everyone manage internal relations, knowledge and communications. It’s the most important infrastructure for a modern organization.

Relations management

Combine more. Create more.

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More relations + combinations = more innovation

Innovation comes from combining existing concepts in new ways. The more relations that exist across previously disconnected areas, the more opportunities for new combinations arise, which can become innovative forces for your organization.


Making modern leadership (and traditional hierarchy) easier to manage

Combinus supplements (but doesn’t remove) classical hierarchy. It makes it much easier to support e.g. cross-functional networked teams and their dynamic collaborations. It also makes it easier for teams in hierarchical organizations to find, understand and do what they must.

Lars Kolind

Lars Kolind

Famed CEO, board member, and serial entrepreneur

I believe every organisation has an incredible untapped potential by starting to build bridges between silos. Combinus generates the energy and commitment we need to challenge cross-department issues, such as innovation, customer delight, sustainability, productivity, growth and learning.

Decades ago, I created a unique knowledge-based organisation, The Spaghetti Organisation, at Oticon. This was before the internet took off. Since then, I have been looking for a way to do the same thing online, and I believe Combinus is the answer.