With Combinus as an internal SoMe-platform, you can activate your employees, customers or members

Make this tool available - and experience 100 times greater engagement than you can create via the intranet or a membership magazine

What can Combinus do for you?

Studies show that employees and members of organizations would like to engage more in the organization they are part of. But they often lack a technology that supports dialogue and the sharing of images, texts, invitations, etc.

Therefore, many people resort to using external SoMe platforms in the absence of better ones. And then all of a sudden it is not a common tool for everyone in the organization. And not everyone wants to be on social media or share their private life with others.

Employees or members will create content - so it creates value for you

Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, Airbnb have one thing in common: They create value without creating the content themselves. If you make Combinus available in your universe, you create value in the same way.

With the Combinus SoMe-platform in your universe, you will get a wide range of advantages:

Increased engagement – your employees or members talk about what they are really interested in, and they share content with each other

It will be easier for you as an organization to onboard new people

Employees or members become more loyal and less likely to leave your organization

Your organization gets an active forum in which you can share news and announcements

This is what your organization will achieve

  • High, measurable engagement
  • Greater satisfaction
  • Higher loyalty
  • Better cohesion
  • Conversations across groups
  • A strong internal sales channel

What is Combinus?

Imagine a SoMe platform that seethes with life and commitment. Your organization is responsible for it, and it is closed to the rest of the outside world. Here, your employees or members can share content and interact with each other crosswise - about their interests. From solving professional problems to starting a wine club or discussing new books.

The activity that the intranet, membership magazine and course activities should have provided, you will get with Combinus. Because the focal point is not the management's mouthpiece, but the participants and their interests.

Combinus is a plug-and-play SoMe platform created to function in an isolated universe. It was originally developed based on a desire to help alumni from DTU to hold on to each other and maintain their close relationships in the future.

Can your own SoMe replace the intranet and member magazines?

Information has the ability to find itself where users engage. Therefore, it is likely that Combinus will absorb the information that your organization has so far brought elsewhere. Eg. via an intranet or a member magazine. Combinus can either be a supplement or a replacement.

The most intuitive of all Social Media?

Any tool stands and falls on how intuitive it is. And Combinus is perhaps the most intuitive and easy to use. Partly because it is simple in itself, and partly because users do not experience extraneous noise from advertisements or irrelevant posts that are pushed by a distant algorithm.

Confidentiality and personal boundaries

Your data in Combinus belongs solely to your organization. And people only get access to the SoMe network when you have approved them. In addition, the participants can each set their own parameters for how they want to be contacted by other members of the network. They have full, personal control.

This is what users say:

"Every time we create a new connection between people, we unlock creativity and innovation. Combinus allows us to effortlessly increase connections between organizations and discover new potential."

- Peter Larsen, senior director, DTU Executive MBA Alumni

"When I work with the platform, it is wonderfully intuitive and easy to navigate. I
love that you can get the full overview of each area, and it is liberating to avoid noise such as advertisements etc."

- Lone Jakobsen, network administrator, Culinary Business Network

"We chose Combinus for our professional network, as it provides a unique visual overview of people and topics, and because it will be easier for the members to create new connections. We love having our resources, communication and people info in one place that is easy to use."

- Kitt Henriksen, business developer, Erhvervshus Sjælland

"Combinus is a gift for facilitators who want to design flexible learning experiences and create internal motivation in a group. The platform makes it possible to give the adult students stronger and deeper learning experiences."

- Joyce Matthews, Professional Learning Specialist

How do you buy Combinus?

Your organization can get started in 7 days. You can access the platform via the web as Software-as-a-service. You pay according to the number of users, and we even help you get the interaction going. Because like everything else viral, you have to provide traffic to start with before the network members get started.


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The idea behind Combinus

Karsten Uldal

Combinus was originally a spin out from DTU - the Technical University of Denmark, where I worked as director of DTU's Business school and deputy director of DTU's Center for lifelong learning.

The adventure began in April 2018. It had become clear to me that we were not focusing on our alumni and the strength and relevance they had the potential to bring, both to DTU, but to that extent also to each other as a combined network.

My first inspiration to build a network platform came because I had to constantly navigate between different networks and power balances, as there were always many stakeholders involved in decisions and changes. What inspired me was the fact of being able to visualize all the networks in a single overview, which would make it easier to navigate and find the relevant people to talk to based on industries or interests. In other words, every network had to be open to all members, so that the value was for everyone and not just the network owners.

Combinus' mission is to enable organizations to create much more with the resources they already have, by having their employees become part of something bigger, both socially and intellectually.

Combine more, Create more