The biggest revolution for collaboration in an organization since email and online meetings

Find the right people with the right competencies

Bring people together with social overviews


Don’t break them apart with siloed threads of cold text

Optimize the discovery of effective work relations


By tailoring user-info and search aids to 100% fit all your organization’s needs

Be part of something

Bigger Crossforce

Be part of Something

With Combinus, you’re not just part of a team – you’re part of a whole organization. You see the bigger picture and purpose, and you understand how you’re part of the connected whole and where you can contribute.

The effortless system for gathering knowledge and communications

No need for multiple apps. The anti-dote to modern day communication complexity.

Why have separate apps for communications, intranet, organizational overviews, onboarding, training, events, news, phonebook, and idea management? Combinus covers all the essentials, and with a simple, coherent approach that makes it easier for everyone to understand.

communication types

Automatically map all your organization’s ideas, challenges, events and resources in visual overviews.


Enable knowledge to accumulate.

Measure and get more out of it.


It could actually be any type of content you wish to have an overview of for ongoing reference, measurements or status-meetings. Projects? Agreements? Job postings? We really mean anything.

Collaborate with other organizations or your customers by sharing parts of your platform

Have all your collaboration partners in the same ecosystem, but only with access to the things you wish to share. Spark innovation in partnership-groups shared across multiple industries.  Or bring your customers closer by opening some of your platform to them. The opportunities for creating bridges are endless.

Tap into everyone’s full potential

Full potential

Get happier employees that stay

As a member of your organization, you feel part of something bigger: a bigger, interdisciplinary purpose and a bigger, more relevant and diverse social sphere. You feel increased connection to the community as everyone is more visually present and connects on common interests. You’re more aware of the needs and opportunities in the organization and can contribute with all your talents and knowledge – wherever it’s desired. And it’s no longer a frustrating and time-consuming experience to find the people and insights you need, but a delightful and effective one.

Welcome Crossforce

Onboarding 2.0

Step into your whole organization – not just a team. It often takes a year for new people to discover all the necessary relationships and knowledge to perform at their best. That’s a lot of fumbling around in the dark… Combinus gives you access to and overview of everything and everyone that is relevant to you from day 1.

Utilize diversity
Optimize everyone’s wellbeing and performance based on

Unique insights from visual analytics

Not another team chat, intranet or social media app

We’ve tried them all. That’s a lie, but we’ve experienced it all, since they all follow the same repetitive dogmas that have been implemented in different disguises time and again.. not changing anything fundamental. It’s time for something new! Combinus is a whole new kind of collaboration platform. There’s really nothing like it. It’s not just for collaborating within the groups of people you already know. It’s not your old dusty and unorganized digital archive either (where innovation comes to die). And it’s definitely not a force of evil thriving on social chaos and distraction. Combinus is simply a scalable collaboration app – completely re-thought for people (robots not welcome). It’s designed based on what people need to collaborate intuitively and make the most of each other and the combined knowledge in today’s complex and interdisciplinary organizations.

Crossforce visual overview

Finally, a manageable way of enabling the kind of organization we’ve been talking about for 30 years….

“Effective knowledge-sharing. Multi-disciplinary networked teams. Talent activation. Human-centered culture. Agility. Hybrid work. Shared purpose. Cross-functional innovation.” And all the other workshop titles.

Difficult to scale with traditional tools, but a natural by-product of Combinus.

People-oriented collaboration that’s time-optimizing and not time-wasting

Many tools are distractions for getting real work done. They focus on making people spend time with the tool instead of the real goal of getting fulfilling work done effectively.

Combinus focuses on removing distractions and getting more effectively from A to B. But we recognize that forging professional relationships and discovering relevant knowledge is a key part of collaborating productively.

That’s why this platform is optimized for people – visually, socially, and in terms of workflow – in a carefully considered way that helps rather than distracts from the target.

actionable ideas

Next-level customization & branding

This is not yet another “one size fits all” tool. Combinus gets fitted to your organization – not the other way around. From the first moment your users log on, they instantly recognize their organization. The whole platform is meaningfully customized to exactly the people, purpose and brand it supports – regardless if the organization is tiny or huge, traditional or modern, centralized or networked.

crossforce separator

And of course…


Own your own data


We reckon you already got that memo.

Closed network with internal confidentiality-levels


Your network is closed, meaning that it’s only accessible to the people you invite. You can also set as many internal levels of confidentiality and permissions as you like. Combinus features a highly developed system of customizable roles that can fit any permissions-setup you dream of.